Terms and Conditions 2024

To avoid misunderstanding, we advise you to read our terms and conditions before you book. Also consider cancellation insurance.
As a result of French law, only the French text of our general terms and conditions is legally valid. The following is a translation.

Art 1 – Application
The general terms and conditions are applicable to every room and the grounds of our Chambres d’Hôtes, unless otherwise agreed and signed in writing by the owners/proprietors Y.E.M. van Gent-Zwaagstra and/or J. van Gent.

Art 2 – Duration of stay
Staying at our Chambres d’Hôtes is only possible for reasons of tourism, with a limited length of stay. In no case can the guest claim any right to lengthen the duration of his/her stay.

Art 3 – Reservations
Your reservation is guaranteed once you make a bank transfer to cover 25%.
For a stay booked at the last minute, the total payment amount will be settled on the day of departure.

Art 4 – Payment
The remainder of the balance has to be received in the bankaccount given in the reservation details 30 days before the start of your stay at the latest.
We do not accept payment by debit of credit card. Payment is strictly via bank transfer or cash.

Art 5 – Cancellation by the guest
The guest has to inform the owner/proprietor of any cancellation in writing.
The following amounts will be charged in case of a cancellation: In case of cancellation up to 90 days before the start of your stay: the booking deposit of 25% will be reimbursed, the remainder of the balance will be cancelled.

  • In case of cancellation between 90 days and 31 days before the start of the stay: the booking deposit of 25% will not be reimbursed, the remainder of the balance will be cancelled.
  • In case of cancellation 30 days or less before the start of the stay: the booking deposit of 25% will not be reimbursed, the remainder of the balance will be charged.
  • In case the guest decides to shorten the length of stay after arrival: The costs of the originally booked length of stay will be charged.


In the event of a lockdown of our region (Haute Savoie) or the closing of borders by the authorities in connection with Covid-19, the payment will be refunded upon cancellation. In all other cases our usual conditions apply as stated above.

Art 6 – Cancellation by the owner
In case the owner/proprietor feels obliged (due to unexpected circumstances) or deems it necessary to cancel the stay, guests will immediately be notified in writing or by telephone. Previously paid booking deposits and other payments relating to the cancelled stay will be reimbursed immediately. Le Paradis des Gen(t)s accepts no liability for any other damage suffered by the guest, no further claim can be made for compensation of any kind.

Art 7 – Arrival and departure
Guests are expected from 16:00 hours onwards. In case of a late arrival (after 19:00 hours), the guest has to notify the owner in writing or by telephone. In the case of a short stay, and the guest has not arrived at 19:00 hours without aforementioned notification, the booking will be considered cancelled and the owner is free to rent out the reserved room. In this case the 25% booking deposit will not be reimbursed and the guest will be charged the remainder of the balance.
At the end of the stay, the guest should leave the room at 11.00 a.m. and leave it tidy.

Art 8 – Taxation
The taxation for staying in the area (taxe de séjour) is a local tax, which the owner/proprietor has to charge the guest and which needs to be paid to the local authorities. This amount is included in our prices.

Art 9 – Use of the guest areas in and around the house
The guest is expected to act in a peaceful manner. Installations, buildings and furniture are only to be used in a manner for which they are originally intended. Between 22:00 hours and 07:00 hours guests are expected to keep the noise level down in and around the house.
The guest is obligated to leave the room in good condition.

Art 10 – Capacity
The agreement for the stay applies to an exact amount of people. In case of more guests than previously agreed upon and no other guest rooms are available, the owner/proprietor reserves the right to refuse stay to the extra guests. This refusal can in no case be taken as an amendment or cancellation of the agreement for stay at our Chambres d’hôtes agreed upon earlier by the owner/proprietor and guest.

Art 11 – Pets
Pets are not allowed in our Chambres d’Hôtes.

Art 12 – Smoking ban
Smoking is forbidden in the house and in our guest rooms. With the agreement of the owner/proprietor smoking is permitted on the terrace on the condition that this does not disturb the other guests.

Prairod, January 2024